The Nation's Leading Freight Inspection Company

Virtual Freight Inspections (VFI) is the nation’s leading freight inspection company, serving major carriers, shippers, and third-party logistics firms (3PLs) throughout the country.

We provide independent inspection reports that may help mitigate claim damages. Our team of approximately 200 freight inspectors nationwide are backed by a field leadership team who each average over a decade of freight inspection experience.

In addition to our standard inspection reports, VFI also offers rush inspections (one business day turnaround), packaging analyses (which help determine if the minimum packaging requirements for shipment were met), pre-shipment freight inspections, and full trailer inspections (after damages have been incurred).

We are proud of our industry-leading technology, which simplifies the order process, ensures a relatively quick turnaround and provides comprehensive inspection reports. We have been in business since 2004 and have a proven record of delivering best-in-class freight inspection services to our valued customers.

Comprehensive Freight Inspection Reports

  • Standard Inspection Reports
  • Rush Inspections (one business day turnaround)
  • Packaging Analyses
  • Pre-Shipment Freight Inspections
  • Full Trailer Inspections

National Team of Experienced Freight Inspectors

  • We are proud of our team of approximately 200 freight inspectors nationwide who provide the geographic coverage our customers need.
  • A VFI freight inspector is an independent contractor who conducts on-site inspections at freight terminals, service centers and warehouses.
  • We evaluate products and packaging for damage, take detailed notes and photos, and create inspection reports using our proprietary online templates.
  • VFI is always interested in connecting with talented candidates who may be interested in joining our team.

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Virtual Freight Inspections (VFI) is the nation's leading freight inspection company.